June 3, 2010

Shri Nathji Charitra Katha

Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayashri graced us with his presence during the spiritual month of Adhik Maas. The Shri Nathji Charitra Katha was held in Parlin, New Jersey at the Shri Dwarkadhish Haveli on April 17 to April 24, 2010. Every day, thousands of people were in attendance to hear the Katha. Despite the harsh weather conditions, everyone was closely listening to the inspirational katha untroubled. I would like to share a few pictures from the event. Please take a look at the slideshow on the right.

I am very excited to announce that Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji will be returning to the US in July 2010! We look forward to his arrival and an itinerary will be sent as soon as it's available.

November 26, 2009

Updated Calendar of Events

Check the schedule for up to date information on new programs. Find out where and when Pujya Jeje is!

January 28, 2009

Viraat-Manav Kalyan Mahotsav

Jai Shree Krishna!

Vaishnavacharya Pujya Goswami 108 Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayashri recently organized Viraat-Manav Kalyan Mahotsav from January 4th - 11th of this year. The Mahotsav was very successful, with an attendance of over 300,000 people! Some notable features of the Mahotsav include:

-A replica of a Himalayan Mountain of 35 feet high and 120 feet wide
-A replica of all major pilgrimages in India in beautifully designed caves
-Replica of the 24 Avtaras of Lord Shri Krishna
-A maze of 50 caves with creation of beautifully depicted landscapes
-Seminars and discourses held by various intellectual and Spiritual leaders of society
-Cultural programs for youths
-Nearly 450 schools of the city participated!
-The Mahotsav was broadcast life on the Sanskar channel!

To view photos from the event, please take a look at the Viraat-Manav Kalyan album.

The Mahotsav was co-organized by the Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO). The VYO has been established under the guidance of Vaishnavacharya Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayashri, with an objective to provide a platform for inoculating high values among the youth and in turn, making them responsible citizens. VYO aims to develop branches across the globe with a mission to shape values and respect for all religions among the youth.

December 28, 2008

Viraat Manav-Kalyan Mahotsav

It's our great pleasure to invite you & your family to the historical event of the Vaishnav Sampraday, Viraat Manav-Kalyan Mahotsav, to be held between January 4th - 11th, 2009 at the Akota Stadium in Baroda, Gujarat, India.
Under the guidance of His Holiness Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri, this Mahotsav will be comprised of 'Bharat Tirth-Darshan', 'Bhavya Bhool-bhulaiya' & other various cultural exhibitions.

Please check out the 3 minute video to the right or here at http://www.youtube.com/user/ekVaishnav.

August 31, 2008

Updates and New Additions

Hi Everyone!

I have recently updated the Calendar of Events.  These events are based on Pujya Jeje's 2008 US/Canada Itinerary for 2008.  

Pushti Margiya Bhajans in English are available on the right of this page under the Links sections. These bhajans are translated into English.  They were compiled in a short time so please feel free to email any corrections to me!   

June 9, 2008

Divya Vraj Darshan Mahotsav


Jai Shree Krishna!

I am very excited to share details of a memorable and divine event, DIVYA VRAJDARSHAN MAHOTSAV, held under the guidance of Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri in Surendranagar, Gujarat.

A divine celebration of Vraj Darshan Mahotsav was held from the 9th to 16th of May, which included Shrimad Bhagwad Sptah and Divya Vraj Darshan.  

For the first time ever in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Divya Vraj and it's sacred and divine places like Shri Girirajji, Shri Yamunaji's Vishram GHat, Shri Raman Reti, Shri Mahaprabhuji's Bethakji were nicely structures as they originally exist in Vraj!

I am also delighted to announce that the most awaited album, consisting of 9 soulful compositions, "KRISHNA MY LOVE," was releases at this event.  This is the first time ever in history of Vaishnav Sampraday, all the compositions are sung by Pujya Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri!

Along with all this, a Youth Guidance Camp, Bhakti Sangeet Sandhya and a divine drama were also organized at this Mahotsav.

Please take a look at the pics at the following link.

March 8, 2008

Vraj Yatra 2008

The Vraj Yatra was a great success! I would like to thank all the people that attended and participated in the 11 day Yatra in February of this year. There was a large turnout of around 700 Vaishnavs! Vaishnavs came from all over the world, including USA, Europe, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

The volunteer staff deserves much appreciation and recognition for all their hard work to make this event a success.

I have already received a couple emails from people expressing joy they received from this spiritual journey with Pujya Jeje.

Please feel free to leave your comments about the trip. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to see pictures from the Yatra please click on the slideshow on the right and a new window will open for proper viewing. Alternatively, you can click on the link below.

Vraj Yatra 2008 Pics

Pujya Jeje is Visiting UK, USA and Canada!

Pujya Jeje will be visiting UK, USA and Canada from Mid-July to  the end of September.  As the dates become more definite, I will be updating the Calendar (found on the bottom right of this page).  

If you are interested in hosting a Padharamni and Vachnamrut, please contact Parool Modi.  You can leave a comment here as well and someone will get right back to you.  

March 7, 2008

Watch this Video!

Vidyadan and Annadan camps were organized by the Shri Vallabhacharyaji Global Educational Trust, headed by Yuva Vaishnavacharya Pujyapad Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayashri, in the favor of many unfortunate children.

The Shri Vallabhacharyaji Global Educational Trust is a not-for-profit organization.  Click the video named  "Shri Vallabhacharya Global Educational Trust - Short Clip"  on the right to learn a little more about this organization.  Feel free to email or leave a comment with any questions you may have.  

You can also view the video at the link below.